The Jesus Lifestyle!

The Jesus Lifestyle examines Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and the radical alternative it presents to the modern lifestyle. Nicky Gumbel speaks to us through a different video presentation for each of the 6 weeks. The talks provide life application principles that each individual can apply to live the life that Jesus wants us to live. The Jesus Lifestyle course is an excellent follow-up for guests who have just completed ALPHA!

Each session for the 6 weeks includes a DVD presentation from Nicky Gumbel and small group discussions with coffee & dessert shared. Session time is approximately 1 1/2 -2 hours long.


There are 3 SERIES, all of which can be taken out of sequence if desired.


Series 1: Wednesdays (February 15th-March 22nd) FREE

February 15th —  How to Find the Secret of Happiness

February 22nd — How to Change the World Around You

March 1st          — How to Understand the Old Testament

March 8th        —  How to Handle Anger

March 15th       — How to Approach Sex in the 21st Century

March 22nd      —How to Respond to Divorce

Series 2: Wednesdays (April 26th-May 31st) FREE 

April 26th — How to Live and Act with Integrity

May 3rd    — How to Respond to Difficult People

May 10th  — How to Handle Conflict

May 17th   — How to Become a Generous Giver

May 24th  — How to Pray and Fast Like Jesus

May 31st   — How to Handle Ambition

Series 3: Mondays (January 23rd-March 6th) $70.00 – Includes Dinner each Session at The Box Bar & Grill 

January 23rd — How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

January 30th — How to Deal with Criticism

February 6th — How to Respond to the Most Challenging Words Ever Spoken

February 13th— How to Make the Big Decision

February 27th— How to Spot False Prophets

March 6th       — How to Build a Secure Future