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Welcome to High School Youth Ministry

Upcoming Dates and Events

  • Feb 19: Forgotten Harvest Service Day (PS / Flyer / Waiver)
  • Feb 21: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Feb 23: WAYMC Lock-in (PS / Flyer)
  • Feb 28: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Mar 3: Movie Night (Info coming soon!)
  • Mar 7: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Mar 9-11: Mission Conference (Registrations available outside of youth room!)
  • Mar 14: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Mar 21: : Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Mar 24: Charity 3v3 Basketball Tournament (Register)
  • Mar 28: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Apr 4: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Apr 7: Flash Picnic (PS / Flyer)
  • Apr 8: Youth Alpha Kick-Off (Info)
  • Apr 11: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Apr 18: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • Apr 20-22: Spring Retreat at DeSales (Flyer / PS)
  • Apr 25: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • May 2: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • May 4: WAYMC Homeless Experience (Info coming soon!)
  • May 6: SJ5K Charity Race (Info coming soon!)
  • May 9: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • May 16: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • May 19: Relay for Life (Info coming soon!)
  • May 23: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • May 30: Youth Group, 7-9pm
  • June 6: Youth Group, 7-9pm (Alumni Welcome)
  • June 9: Graduation Mass and Reception (Info coming soon!)
  • June 13: Super Secret Senior Meeting (Info coming soon!)
  • June 18-23: Summer Service Trip (Flyer / PS / FAQ)
  • July 13-15: Steubenville Youth Conference (Flyer / PS)

About Us

All of our programs are open to any high school student. There is no requirement that participants be Catholic, or even a member of St. John Neumann Parish. Some events require permission slips (indicated on the calendar above) but most don’t even require pre-registration. Parents are invited to contact Chris, the youth minister, at any time with questions: (734) 635-7258 or cleach@sjncanton.org.

High School Youth Group

HSYG meets on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. Meetings are open to all young people in grades 9-12 regardless of whether or not they are members of SJN or are Catholic. We welcome all young people! HSYG meetings are facilitated by our teen leadership team and cover a variety of topics and issues. We encourage teens to take the “3 Meeting Challenge” and give HSYG a try for 3 meetings as that is the best way to get a feeling for the diversity of activities that take place for high school students!

The Before Party

The Before Party is a loosely-structured time for teens to come, relax after school, briefly pray together, and share a meal before youth group starts. Teens can drop-in to the youth center anytime between 2:30-4:30pm to work on homework, talk with friends, play games, etc. At 4:30pm we will gather quickly for prayer and then share a meal together. All attendees must arrive by 4:30pm (or just come at 7:00pm for youth group!). (Flyer)

Disciple Groups

Disciple Groups are short-term, small groups where teens explore different topics and issues related to their Christian faith! These groups may meet at various times and places but require a short-term commitment. Within the small group teens and mentors build relationships that aid them in exploring the faith. Check out our list of Offerings here!


If you would like to be added to our Youth Ministry Database or our Parent Mailing List please e-mail Chris at cleach@sjncanton.org!

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