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rrichards : September 24, 2016 10:24 pm : Fr. Ron's Blog

So we are in the political season in full force!  And given our state is considered a swing state we will be bombarded with political adds.  The sad thing about the adds are, none of them really tell us the truth.  So how are we to get a clear message as to what candidates truly believe.  From the adds we cannot and even if we research and study and look at multiple sources for information, it is still difficult isn’t it?  So I am guessing many of you are like me and just looking for to election day so we can be done with it all.

Now as for how to decide.  I wish i could tell you who to vote for but I cannot.  I cannot even tell you who I am going to vote for.  The thing is people try to figure me out in that capacity but cannot.  Why?  Because I try to look at all the candidates honestly.  I critique them all for good and bad.  Lets face it, no one is totally bad nor good.  All of them and us are a mix of good and bad.  So we need to be honest and take it to God.  I mean that.  We need to be in deep prayer about this and our decision.  Let God speak to your heart, that is the best I can tell you!

Pascal’s Wager

rrichards : August 14, 2016 7:26 am : Fr. Ron's Blog

This is not to be political, lets get that upfront, for one I am really not allowed to be publically political as a priest. But I see so many things that are posted about this candidate and that candidate, and what I don’t see is people talking about how we should live our lives which includes the choices we make. What brings me to this is a funeral I am having today. After talking with the family the other day I brought up to them briefly this philosophy, as this is how the deceased lived his life. This also going to be the focus of the homily for the gentleman. That philosophy is “Pascal’s Wager”

Blaise Pascal was a french philosopher, scientist and mathematician. Being a physicist and mathematician myself, i kind of relate to Pascal!

Here is a simplistic explanation of the “Wager”

Pascal begins with a two-by-two matrix: either God exists or does not, and either you believe or do not.
–Table I–                             God exists                                             God does not exist
You believe in God              (a) infinite reward                               (c) 250 utiles
You do not believe               (b) infinite punishment                     (d) 200 utiles

If God exists then theists will enjoy eternal bliss (cell a), while atheists will suffer eternal damnation (cell b). If God does not exist then theists will enjoy finite happiness before they die (say 250 units worth), and atheists will enjoy finite happiness too, though not so much because they will experience angst rather than the comforts of religion. Regardless of whether God exists, then, theists have it better than atheists; hence belief in God is the most rational belief to have.

If we make our personal choices banking on the existence of God, I am trying to figure out how anyone can “logically” explain a choice against God? So maybe in this election cycle we need to look at that huh?


rrichards : May 30, 2016 7:00 am : Fr. Ron's Blog, news

I wanted to write and remind everyone about the Holy Hour this Friday!  As you know we have adoration every Friday.  The Adoration begins immediately at the conclusion of the 9 am mass and ends with benediction at 7 pm.  On the first Friday of the month we always have a Holy Hour from 7-8 pm.  This is an amazing time to spend time in person with Jesus.  I hope to see all there.  older, younger, families etc.  everyone.  You fill a room while adoring Christ is amazingly powerful!

thoughts on cooperation

rrichards : February 1, 2016 6:27 am : Fr. Ron's Blog

So last week myself and my parish staff had an amazing meeting with Our Lady of Good Counsel. The two staffs got together to see what we could accomplish together. Well what I can say is the meeting was great. We had a two hour meeting that seemed like 5 minutes. There was so much talked about that we could do together to Evangelize this area. I am so excited to see what we can accomplish together. It is not often that two major parishes, both having a ton of exciting things happening, come together in the spirit of cooperation. Usually these two types of places compete with each other to show who is better than the other. God certainly knows that I am a highly competitive man. So I am glad I can let that go. Fr John Riccardo and I both see nothing but great fruits coming out of this. We are already planning on taking ALPHA into the prisons. Along with that we are talking about Religious Formation and how we can make this something meaningful for the kids and their families, rather than just something they “HAVE TO DO” once a week. Keep our two parishes in your prayers people!!!

I would also like to add to this, for those who read it!  Lent is coming February10,  currently we offer an evening mass on Thursday’s at 6:30pm during lent, i ask you to please consider making part of your lenten journey to join us each Thursday for mass.  In doing so your love for Christ just may grow stronger!


rrichards : January 17, 2016 8:57 am : Fr. Ron's Blog

Hi everyone,

So we are back in ordinary time, but only for a few weeks. Ash Wednesday is February 10th, so it will be upon us quickly! The pastoral leadership team have decided to make the theme for Lent to be the Mercy! This is to be in conjunction with the Year of Mercy! Mercy, does not just mean God’s mercy, but it is also our mercy towards others. I think we forget sometimes that we need to extend mercy as well Recall the following Parable from Matthew

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant.

Then Peter approaching asked him, “Lord, if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive him? As many as seven times?” Jesus answered, “I say to you, not seven times but seventy-seven times. That is why the kingdom of heaven may be likened to a king who decided to settle accounts with his servants. When he began the accounting, a debtor was brought before him who owed him a huge amount. Since he had no way of paying it back, his master ordered him to be sold, along with his wife, his children, and all his property, in payment of the debt. At that, the servant fell down, did him homage, and said, ‘Be patient with me, and I will pay you back in full.’ Moved with compassion the master of that servant let him go and forgave him the loan. When that servant had left, he found one of his fellow servants who owed him a much smaller amount.* He seized him and started to choke him, demanding, ‘Pay back what you owe.’ Falling to his knees, his fellow servant begged him, ‘Be patient with me, and I will pay you back.’ But he refused. Instead, he had him put in prison until he paid back the debt. 31Now when his fellow servants saw what had happened, they were deeply disturbed, and went to their master and reported the whole affair. His master summoned him and said to him, ‘You wicked servant! I forgave you your entire debt because you begged me to. Should you not have had pity on your fellow servant, as I had pity on you?’ Then in anger his master handed him over to the torturers until he should pay back the whole debt. So will my heavenly Father do to you, unless each of you forgives his brother from his heart.”

God will forgive us and extend His mercy for ANYTHING if we are truly contrite, shouldn’t we do the same!


Peace Fr Ron

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