Come, Encounter Christ!

Preaching – Adoration – Live Music- Prayer – Worship – Confession


March 21st 7-8:30pm – Encounter Christ 

We all encounter Christ in our lives. The question is what is our response? Hopefully our response is, YES. It is from the encounter that we begin to change.

March 22nd 7-8:30pm – Growing with Christ

Once we say yes to the encounter we then need to grow in our relationship. What does this mean? It means we need to surrender, to sacrifice for him so we can grow. Just as the Apostles gave up their lives to follow and love Christ, we are asked to sacrifice and surrender as well. 

March 22nd 7-8:30pm – Witnessing for Christ

Once the encounter and growth has occurred, we are then called to witness for him in the world. The Greek word for witness is, “Martyr.” It’s not that we have to die physically, but in a way we do die when we witness.  As what we witness is not to ourselves, but of Christ. 


Come, Encounter Christ is a way to renew and energize your relationship with Jesus!

Join Fr. Ron Richards with inspirational preaching, uplifting live music, and Eucharistic adoration.

Open FREE to the public! Teens + up welcome! No RSVP or registration required! 

Light refreshments will follow.

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