Mass Schedule

8:30AM, 10:30AM, 12:30PM

Monday, Tuesday, Friday


Saturday at 3:30PM or by appointment

Eucharistic Adoration
Friday 9:45AM-6:30PM

Holy Week

Holy Thursday
Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00pm

Good Friday
Stations of the Cross 12:00pm and Celebration of the Lord’s Passion with Communion 1:00pm

Holy Saturday
Blessing of Food 1:00pm and Easter Vigil at 8:00pm.

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
8:30, 10:30, & 12:30pm.

Online Giving

Convenience anytime, anywhere with access through the internet, secure and confidential-adheres to banking security standards, flexibility-start, stop and change your contributions at any time, simple-no need to contact your bank or the parish office & contribute using direct withdrawal from your account

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Mission Statement

Who is St. John Neumann?